Post Trip Update | Praise 

  Our team was so loved by Krissie Cilano (and Chuck, even though he was in Rome that week). Chuck had preplanned all our outreaches, and our girls really learned a lot from their surrendered lives and God stories. Can¹t believed that they have been serving in Thailand for TEN years. 
Chuck had set us up to work with 3 young pastors that he discipled, so we worked with 3 Thai Churches and took the gospel with them into their area of outreaches along with another Australian missionary couple and One Hope, Thailand.


– We saw hundreds of students prayed and asked Jesus into their lives as Lord and Savior at the 4 Buddhist schools that our team taught English at (partnering with One Hope Thailand).

– Six women that are sex workers (from 20 to 40 yrs old) in the RLD (Red Light District) in Udon Thani ­ came to Christ through our afternoon street outreaches

– Prayer walk around major temples and centers of worship in Udon Thani tearing down strongholds

– Two elephant riders (young boys that are considered outcast and does not even know their birthdates) gave their heart to Jesus. We stopped to give them hugs and food, and they were really taken back by Christ’s love.

– Fon, a young single mom couldn’t help but stop to hear us worship with her baby, and gave her heart to Jesus

– We saw lots of children who live in the slum (partnering with 4 local Thai Churches) smiled and came alive with our gospel worship, teaching and games. 

– Prayer walk against trafficking.

– We fellowshipped and listened to stories of God’s amazing work in Asia from 100 or more missionaries serving in Asia that attended the CC Asia Missions Conference in Chiang Mai. It was such a blessing to help with child care and youth ministry during the conference, alongside Kendall & Kurt Kula. 

– The MKs were owners of their faith and mission journey. Very blessed by their active faith and transparent sharing of their struggles and joys.

The team of 8 gals were so inspired, reached out to everyone we meet in the name

of Jesus, stopping to pray even at the Ziplines with our guides, drivers and hotel

staff. He is lifted up. Thanking God for your labor of prayer, support and love.

Prayer Requests:

The harvest field is ripe for harvest, we continue to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers to come alongside these works of God in Asia; Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

For those that are working with children, women and men that are trafficked that they will have joy of the LORD serving in such evil times. 

For the Persecuted Church, to endure, to persevere, and continue to be comforted by the God of all Comforts, and the Father of all Mercies, for such a time as this.

For Pastor Taan and Fon, for their follow up with the sex workers, training their church to come alongside this work.

For our girls that are in transition and their next steps, next seasons, that they will be faithful to obey God’s prompting & leading.

Thank you so much for your generous love.




  Well our trip has come to an end sadly 😢. God has done so much in us these past 10 days. He is very much so alive in Thailand, despite the rampant idolatry and darkness. He is doing a mighty work in the believers here.
It was so encouraging to get to talk with the missionaries at this conference. Their stories are so full of God’s grace, power and provision. I have been personally encouraged and challenged by everyone I had a conversation with this week. And I was actually especially encouraged by the kids that we were taking care of.  I have known quite a few missionary kids that regretted/resented living on the mission field with their parents. But these kids could not be more opposite. Their love for the Lord is so evident. It was truly a joy for all of us to get to know them. 

Today at the final session I heard a great word from the Lord through the Pastoe Dave Ralph. He quoted someone (I can’t remember who exactly), but he said “When your memories are more exciting than your dreams, then you are dying.”

The idea is that we are supposed to press on every day and leave the past behind us. Leave our failures. Leave our mistakes. Leave our qualifications. The Gospel insists on moving forward in freshness and newness every day. And I think that’s a good way to sum up our last day here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to remember our good times with the Lord and to seek strength and encouragement from the times when God proved Himself faithful. But it does mean that we should not carry what happens today into tomorrow. So as we leave Thailand, “we press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” 

Our next generation team is still figuring things out what the Lord is doing in our lives. But nonetheless, we move forward to wherever God leads and to whatever calling He assigns. 

~Colleen M.

Day 1  – CC Asia Conference

Today was our first day at the missions conference and we were able to serve at the children’s ministry. We had the privilege to spend our afternoon with the children of missionaries in countries from all over Asia. I say privilege because these kids are actually elders in the faith. It really surprised me to see such hearts, such material dispossession, such light, such faith, and most impactful such knowledge of the word of God. As all of the girls on the team, I’m in a transition season – graduating from university in December… Meeting them has reminded me that wherever I go:•I must abide in the word of The Lord for there is nothing else that can sustain or transform like it does. 

•1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” No matter my age, my fears, my excuses… I must take up my cross for knowing of the Lord at such early age to set the bar in everything I do, say, read, and see.

With an open and transforming heart, 

~Valentina G

Final Day in Udon Thani


Quick Updates: it has been a whirlwind of a trip in Udon Thani. It is a faith builder – throughout the journey. We saw some amazing opportunities to preach the good news in and out of season. The unplanned and divine appointments came about at every stop. The eateries, feeding the elephants, the worship stop, the bars in the afternoons for our #RedLightDistrict ministry, the homeless, the Buddhist Thai public schools, etc. From elephant riders that don’t know who their parents are, to children that lived in the slums – when the gospel was given we saw the Lord drawing men, women and children to himself. I so absolutely love chatting with the Thai eateries operators, I was surprised at how easily they bared their souls. The changes in the countenance of the Thai girls and women that worked in the bars, how our afternoon visits with them to share the good news brought such a relief to their soul. Father, continue to glorify your son as we travel on to Chiang Mai. 

Our team of girls has gotten braver and more reliant on the Lord as more opportunities present itself.

Our Father in heaven, hallow be thy name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven…. Especially in the lives of your maidservants.

Please also continue to pray for our onward flight plans, there are still ongoing changes that are affecting the team return flight to Florida. In the meanwhile, we are looking forward to the CC Asia Missions Conference at Chiang Mai, starting tomorrow.  We are rotating to help out with children’s ministry during the retreat, supporting Kendall, Pastor’s wife of CC Cambodia.



Be Ready In & Out of Season

  Today was kind of a more relaxed day, which was a nice break. In the morning we had the wonderful privilege to visit Barry and Elizabeth who are missionaries to a local village outside of Udon Thani. Every Saturday they gather the kids from the village and teach them English and do activities with them. It’s absolutely amazing to see the work God is doing through them. They truly are like a father and mother figure to these kids.
We played games, sang songs, taught stories from the bible and just loved on the kids. They loved the balloon making and face painting. It was so wonderful to see their eyes light up with a simple thing like a game or face paint. But the cool thing is that it wasn’t just the games. Everything has to do with the Gospel. 

While we were just hanging out with the kids, we got to see an elephant!! There were a few guys walking it around for people to take pictures with. While they were stopped, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel with them and the 2 riders accepted! It was amazing to see someone go from a state of poverty in the fullest sense to being rich in the spirit. 

God has opened so many doors for us here this week. So many unexpected encounters and divine appointments have happened. It’s been a great reminder to always keep your eyes open for opportunities to share the gospel. 

We had the most amazing opportunity to spend time with Krissy this afternoon. She and her husband Chuck have been here for about 10 years as missionaries. Their stories are AMAZING! It was so refreshing and uplifting to listen to her experiences and glean from her. Everyone needs to have someone like her in their life. Someone older who is wise, full of the spirit, great faith and joy. 

And as all good days should end, we went for Thai massage… again 😉. Then some shopping in the local market. And finally finished off the night with some amazing Korean BBQ!

Looking forward for church tomorrow with Pastor Taan then we’re off to Chiang Mai for the missions conference!

Please pray for all of the people we invited to church, especially those that were either receptive or received the gospel, that they would be beckoned to come every week even after we leave. 

1 Corinthians 3:5-7

“What then is Apollos? What is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, as the Lord assigned to each. I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” ~Colleen M.


Tearing down strongholds


We took a prayer walk through various places of Buddha-centric religious worship in Udon Thani yesterday’s morning.  Using spiritual weapons to tear down these strongholds, asking for the lives of the Thais and their families who are blinded to the love of Jesus be able to hear of Him and fall into His outstretched arms.  

Some Key Reflections shared:

Today, we saw idolatry take place in a literal sense. We went to a central area of Udon Thani with many temples, where we saw people worshipping and praying to many man made statues and offering up sacrifices that were thought to have been a bargaining piece for a granted “wish”. We were able to walk the grounds and just pray. Pray for the people who go there to worship, that their eyes would be open to see the Truth and know that Jesus is the one true King and God; and pray for freedom from the bondage that is evident in many lives that we’ve encountered here. It was a heavy experience, but powerful and we are confident that God is working in Thailand and that revival can come! ~Heather B.

The highlight of this missions trip for me was the opportunity the Lord provided for us to evangelize in the red light district. Bringing the glorious news of Jesus Christ to these women was an incredible experience. These women have some tragic stories. For some, there parents sold them into the sex trade and for others they came willingly to make money to survive. Regardless of the situation the Lord brought us there intentionally to bring light to the darkness and share hope in their lives. Of course this comes with opposition. One precious girl we were talking to was told to go inside the building. The owner told us not to talk to the girls because they were working. It was an attempt of the enemy to keep us from sharing the good news but thankfully failed. We continued on sharing with so many girls that were receptive and open to Jesus Christ. It was an absolute blessing to be used in this capacity for my Savior. No matter how dark, the love of Christ shines through and nothing came come against it. ~Brooke O.

Pray for our time in Udon Thani as it is coming to a close.  Pray for the follow-up of all the new believers in the schools, in the villages, in the #RedLightDistrict. Father, may you be glorified through your children, and the works of our hands.


Where is our treasure?

Yesterday was our last ministry day in the public schools.  The number of students that committed daily to follow Jesus at our English Program outreach continued to blow our mind away. So we continue to cast our nets, and the Lord brought in a full net at each school.

Here is a highlight from one of our college team member:

Having more is regarded as more honorable in America… It’s something we strive for and get in debt for but being in Thailand reminds me that material abundance can rob us of Him. Today, we visited private schools for the first time for most of our servanthood has been displayed in the public schools. As we arrived and were sat on the stage on wooden emperor like chairs, my heart began to move as I watched the kids. After the second private school I realized that these kids were different from the ones we had served the day before. These no longer bowed after every little item we provided for them, these also were more resistant to the gospel and receiving Christ in their hearts. As I write this, I’m reminded of Matthew 6:19-21 ” 19 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Our hearts must not desire mainly material goods for these can rob us of humility, eternal inheritance, thirst, life, and primarily, of our God. ~ Valentina G.


Jesus amongst other gods


While training this team, the Lord gently reminded to maximize on each participant’s gift.  He brought to this team aspiring teachers, worship leader, prayer warriors, and also folks that love to give out the gospel even if it look foolish in the eyes of men. So thankful.

Being a part of this team has given me the chance to experience the body of Jesus in a new way.

Paul describes it best in Romans 12; “just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.” Our team is incredibly different yet we need each other. I was really encouraged by this when we taught English at the schools. Though Debby and I owned the lessons planning, we were able to distribute the work and serve wholeheartedly together. I’ve never experienced the love of Jesus in such an unselfish way. There has been so much joy in lifting one another up. By this we’re able to abound in the work of God and see so many hearts receptive to Jesus in the Buddhist schools. I am also taken back by the hearts of the teachers and the way we’ve consistently been greeted when entering the schools. Their love and gratefulness is overwhelming. We sit down and students and principals serve us drinks and treats kneeling at our feet. I am challenged to ask myself the questions: am I genuinely grateful? Is it displayed in my actions? ~ Chelsea O.

Tonight as I was just praying and reflecting on this day I thought of the idols that we saw today. At first, I thought of how bad I felt for the people of Thailand who are literally enslaved in idol worship. And I felt sad for them, that they are separated from the Lord and, essentially at war with Him, being on the other side. But then the Lord gave me Romans 5. I first realized how grateful I am that I am justified by faith and can enjoy peace with God (Romans 5:1). But then I became hopeful for the Thai people that Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:6). And He has already demonstrated His love for us by dying while we were stuck in our sins (Romans 5:8). Although many Thai people are stuck in a sinful nature of idol worship, we are here to declare the truth that will set them free. They are not stuck indefinitely. So tonight I rest in the remembrance that God is sovereign and He will bring to light the truth to loose the bonds of wickedness. And in that I can be still and know that He is God! ~Cherrelle M.


For the least of these


 Yesterday, we went out into the city and ministered to the prostitutes. Something we all were excited for. A little nervous, but a lot excited. We had presents for them, love bags made up, with shampoo conditioner soaps and lotions, along with information about Jesus because He was the greatest present of all. We began talking to girls, and as we were speaking with them, most of them had NEVER heard about Jesus and had such an amazing opportunity to plant seeds in a dark place. Being away from home, where most people have at least HEARD about God or about Jesus, really has made me realize how much I take advantage of that fact and am almost numb to it. Thinking that, “oh they’ve heard it before” and has really challenged me to be more vocal. It’s been so special to have the privilege to be the first ones to present Jesus to people and very exciting to see hope on faces for the first time. ~Heather B.

When you ask those in poverty what it actually is to them, they describe it as isolation, feeling completely alone and that NO ONE cares about them. Americans describe poverty in the material sense; lack of food, no comfortable beds, no shelter, no healthcare and the list goes on. Can you imagine waking up everyday and feeling completely alone ? We had the opportunity to do an outreach for children in the slums of Thailand, people in “poverty”. Looking at their desperate state through the way they described allowed us to love on them in the way they were longing for. A hug, a hand hold, playing games, giving books and sharing with them the unfailing, undying love of Jesus. With limited means of communication one on one, I can’t help but wonder with excitement how the Lord will use that hug or smile in the lives of those children in the future or just for the day we were blessed to be there with them. ~Brooke B.

Pray for our team as our days are packed with opportunities to teach English at the village schools, partnering with One Hope and Pastor Taan, Church of Love (Chuck & Krissie’s local church).

Krissie prayed over our team of girls and wanted to know each of our girls personally.  The short time that we spent with her was inspiring becaus of her love to make Christ known through teaching English.


The Faithfulness of God

Yesterday, I saw the victory of the prayers and the visible outcome of perseverance of faith. In one day everything switched, from everything delayed and stopping us to a completely smooth ride. God showed me that he always does what he promises. That he fulfills every good thing he has promised no matter what seems to stand in our way. He also showed some of his purpose in the delays. Because of the delay we had to stay overnight in Los Angeles. We got there and decided to go to the jacuzzi to relax from the long day. We met a large family traveling from San Francisco, and quickly became friends with them. We were able to share the gospel, especially emphasizing the truth of Jesus, that though other religions may look peaceful on the outside, true freedom can only be found in Christ. At the end of our meeting we were able to pray for them. They were greatly touched by our meeting saying that this was no coincidence that our flight was delayed. 
The next day every flight was on time and and we traveled 18 hours to reach Bangkok in safety. We were all tired, but excited to have reached Thailand and reach the rest of our team!! ~ Debby V. & Cherrelle M.
If there is one thing that I have learned for this trip so far is that if God wants something to happen, He makes the way. Almost every step of the way this far the devil has tried to get us down or keep us from getting to our destination altogether. But God has cleared the path. I was reading My Utmost For His Highest yesterday and found this passage to be so perfectly timed for the whole team. 

“A river is victoriously persistent, it overcomes all barriers. For a while it goes steadily on its course, then it comes to an obstacle and for a while it is balked, but it soon makes a pathway round the obstacle… Keep paying attention to the source, and God will either take you round the obstacle will remove it. The river of the Spirit of God overcomes all obstacles. Never get your eyes on the obstacle or on the difficulty. The obstacle is a matter of indifference to the river which will flow steadily through if you remembered to keep right at the Source. Never allow anything to come between yourself and Jesus Christ, no emotion, no experience. Nothing must keep you from the great sovereign Source. (Oswald Chambers) -Colleen